Where Do The Rich Dine In Singapore?

160222 Bistecca Ten Years Anniversary Photoshoot-46

If you’re talking about fine dining, you can’t go wrong with Singapore’s favourite and world-class Italian steakhouse, Bistecca!

Featured and ranked no. 21 in the World’s 101 Best Steak Restaurants of  2022, Bistecca offers fine dining like no other. As a Tuscan steakhouse, the Fiorentina is their hallmark steak, which is a 1.1kg Porterhouse steak that is suitable for sharing. However, because Bistecca is still an Italian steakhouse, you must first finish the appetizers and pasta before moving on to the steaks! It’s totally up to you but trust us, what you will have is the most pleasant gastronomy journey from one delicacy to another. You wouldn’t want to miss it!

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