That’s Hot: Delicious Meals In Singapore Cooked Over An Open Fire


This one’s an oldie but goodie. In fact, Bistecca celebrates 10 years in Singapore this year. For the occasion, this Tuscan Steakhouse has put together a four-course menu featuring the most popular dishes from the last decade, so you’ll get things like pan-seared scallops, a house-made pasta and one of its irresistible steaks such as the classic T-bone Fiorentina or the bone-in ribeye Costata. Both come deliciously blistered and charred from the open-fire grill with immense, meaty flavour that we can’t get enough of. Even if you don’t like beef, Bistecca’s other fire-kissed proteins such as the black cod with fregola sarda pasta, tomatoes, olives and capers are exceptional.

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