Reigning Glory — The 2.0 of Four Local Restaurants

Bistecca Steakhouse interior

“The owners of Bistecca Tuscan Steakhouse are aware that the glory of being the first steakhouse to offer Bistecca alla Fiorentina (a breed of cattle that produces flavourful meat) is hard to supplant. To up the ante, they have launched La Soffitta (loft in Italian) – a private dining restaurant above Bistecca that is reminiscent of a medieval dining hall.

The exclusive 30-seater boasts a menu that offers an even tighter curation ­– the antipasti section has classics like Pappardelle (beef and tomato ragu, red wine, and fiore sado) and the main course selection features traditional dishes like Maiale (bone-in Iberico pork chop, lentils, mortadella, and fried parsley). Vegetarian options include risotto made with wild garlic, asparagus, mascarpone, and sourdough crumbs.”

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