Bistecca Tuscan Steakhouse review: This rustic restaurant on Mohamed Sultan Road will have diners shouting, “holy cow!”


As a food lover, a reformed chef and someone who takes dining out relatively seriously, I am constantly looking for the best of the best – items on a menu, or examples of a particular dish that are exceptional and at the ‘top of the class’. When a restaurant boasts the ‘best steak in town’, therefore, it has to be worth checking out, and if you decide to put the Bistecca Tuscan Steakhouse to the test, may I suggest that you bring friends.

In an elegant building on Mohamed Sultan Road, the restaurant is ‘sophisticated rustic’ – if that’s not too oxymoronic. It’s fine dining, but with a casualness that’s designed to reflect a combination of Tuscan farmhouse chic and French brasserie boudoir charm. Staff take their jobs seriously, and you can definitely count on them to feel right at home.

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