Best Steakhouses in Singapore Worth Queuing for

Fiorentina, sliced

You might have heard of typical steaks that are either of British or American style. But have you tried Italian styled steaks before? Bistecca Tuscan serves Italian Fiorentina steaks mainly.

Traditional Tuscan sharing steaks & authentic Italian cuisine. Singapore’s favourite Italian steakhouse sits within a heritage century-old shophouse, evoking a warm Italian farmhouse feel with exposed brick walls and wood paneling. Bistecca specialises in Bistecca alla Fiorentina – 1kg Florentine style sharing steaks.

The best steak dish on the table you should not miss is Fiorentina BMS 6 Wagyu F1 T-bone. It is wood-fired instead of the methods used nowadays, so it’s more traditionally made. The beef is grain fed for 420 days and it comes from Australia.

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