20 Steak Restaurants In Singapore For Date Nights, Including Halal Options


Tuscany is world-renowned for its Florentine-style steak, a T-bone steak made from a specific breed of Italian cattle. Experience the dish on home ground at Bistecca Tuscan Steakhouse, as the Italian restaurant has two sizes of Florentina steak on the menu: 900g ($186++), and 1.1kg ($228++). If a hulking T-bone isn’t what you’re stomach’s up for that day, then don’t sweat it, as the steakhouse also offers individual cuts of beef, from Australian Tenderloin ($72++), to Black Pepper Steak ($88++), starring 380g of grass-fed Tasmanian striploin. Complete the meal with their house-made pasta dishes, including the rich Busiate ($29++), served with a beefy ragu.

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